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GOOD DAY is a school of English which started from our passion for teaching. It’s our goal to create a learning experience that elicits curiosity and a sense of achievement in our students as they learn the language itself.

We believe that the English language is not to be seen as a rigid science. Rather than that, it is a tool, a key, used to open an ever-expanding world of information, knowledge and enjoyment. We wish to guide our students so that they can grab a hold of it.

Our use of cutting-edge teaching aids, such as interactive whiteboards, helps us ensure a sense of excitement during the lessons and, oftentimes, change what was once work into fun.

In GOOD DAY we understand the difficulty of everyday scheduling. As such we endeavour to take into consideration the needs of every single student when we design our timetable. We also make sure that the individual level of each student is taken into account when assigning groups. The groups themselves are tiny (max 6 people) and allow for giving plenty of attention to each student, helping foster individual, as well as group work skills.

GOOD DAY maintains relationships with Cambridge University Press and PWN to offer English courses based on the highest class learning materials.


GOOD DAY employs professional and experienced lecturers. We are convinced that a good teacher is key to a good education. We don’t hire college students. We don’t experiment on our clients. We teach the way we would want to be taught.

We combine holistic teaching with MCT (Multi Complex Teaching). For our youngest, we also employ TPR (Total Physical Response) method, designed by Herbert Puchta.

Holistic education seeks do engage all intelligence types in a student, activating more parts of their brain. That is the natural way to learn a language.

By engaging multiple types of intelligence, it’s possible to achieve the highest level of learning and habituating a foreign language. Self-evaluation and reflection help build an awareness of the language and create a desire to continue.

Teaching with MCT is all about the teacher adjusting to the individual needs and the personality of the student. Whether the student is a visual, audio or a kinetic learner, whatever their level of knowledge is, the Multi Complex Teaching method allows for finding the appropriate set of materials and exercises to convey information smoothly.

Szkoła Good Day Bydgoszcz. Czytamy z dziećmi po angielsku.


...and what is the BOOKWORM CLUB?

It is our goal to think in English. It’s most important for the youngest students. To achieve that goal, it’s beneficial to surround the child with the language, beyond just the course book.



+ 60 hours in a school year
+ lessons twice a week, 45 min each
+ price per year – 1050 zł


+ 80 hours in a school year
+ lessons twice a week, 60 min each
+ price per year – 1400 zł


+ 100 hours in a school year
+ lessons twice a week, 75 min each
+ price per year – 1750 zł

We offer English language courses, separated by age and the level of advancement of each student. We work in small (max 6 people) groups, to ensure the best results. We do our utmost to accurately assess the entry level of each new student and offer them lessons in a group most suited to their needs. The lessons for younger students have their length adjusted to their attention spans.

Additionally, we offer rebates, which save you:

60zł (for a 60 hour course)

80zł (for an 80 hour course)

100zł (for a 100 hour course)

The rebate can be redeemed when continuing for another year.

You can also take part in our ‘Bring a friend’ offer, the rebate applying to both clients.

Payment can be split into 10 monthly instalments during the school year.





Żeglarska 71
oś. Jachcice
85-529 Bydgoszcz
e-mail: szkolagoodday@gmail.com
tel: 883 393 885